Synonyms and Antonyms of discretion

  1. 1 the ability to make intelligent decisions especially in everyday matters we'll rely on your discretion in handling this accusation of cheating Synonyms of discretion discreetness, common sense, gumption [chiefly dialect], horse sense, levelheadedness, nous [chiefly British], policy, prudence, sense, sensibleness, wisdom, witWords Related to discretion street smarts; farsightedness, forehandedness, foresight, foresightedness, forethoughtfulness, judgment (or judgement); brains, gray matter, intelligence; logicality, logicalness, practicality, rationality, rationalness; discernment, discrimination, insight, sagacity, sapience; acumen, astuteness, clearheadedness, keenness, penetration, perspicacity, shrewdness; care, caution, circumspection, precaution, premeditationNear Antonyms of discretion shortsightedness; brainlessness, foolishness, half-wittedness, idiocy, senselessness, stupidity; carelessness, heedlessness; unreasonablenessAntonyms of discretion imprudence, indiscretion

  2. 2 the power, right, or opportunity to choose ambassadorships are generally regarded as subject to the president's discretion Synonyms of discretion alternative, choice, druthers [dialect], election, liberty, option, pick, preference, selection, volition, wayWords Related to discretion determination, free will, will; say, voice, vote; inclination, liking, partiality, penchant, predilection, proclivity, propensity, tendency; discernment, judgment (or judgement), perspicacityNear Antonyms of discretion coercion, duress, force; duty, obligation; Hobson's choice

  3. 3 the checking of one's true feelings and impulses when dealing with others in that job you'll be expected to show discretion and act like a professional at all times Synonyms of discretion continence, discipline, constraint, inhibition, refrainment, repression, reserve, restraint, self-command, self-control, self-restraint, suppressionWords Related to discretion command, control, mastery, possession; self-censorship, self-containment, self-denial, self-discipline, self-government, self-mastery, will, willpower; composure, self-poise, self-possession; aloofness, detachedness, distance; bashfulness, modesty, shyness; reticence, silence, taciturnityNear Antonyms of discretion self-abandonment, uninhibitedness; unrestrainedness; gratification, indulgence, overindulgence, self-indulgence; bluntness, candor, frankness; immoderacy, intemperanceAntonyms of discretion disinhibition, incontinence, unconstraint

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serious difficulty or misfortune

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