Synonyms and Antonyms of volition

  1. 1 the act or power of making one's own choices or decisions Tourette's syndrome is a neurological disorder marked by recurrent tics and vocalizations that are beyond the sufferer's volition or control Synonyms accord, autonomy, choice, self-determination, free will, willRelated Words election, preference, selection; bent, devices, disposition, inclination, leaning, partiality, penchant, predilection, predisposition, proclivity, propensity, tendency; alternative, discretion, option, pick, wayNear Antonyms coercion, compulsion, constraint, duress, force, pressure

  2. 2 the power, right, or opportunity to choose left the church of her own volition, not because she was excommunicated Synonyms alternative, discretion, druthers [dialect], election, liberty, option, pick, preference, selection, choice, wayRelated Words determination, free will, will; say, voice, vote; inclination, liking, partiality, penchant, predilection, proclivity, propensity, tendency; discernment, judgment (or judgement), perspicacityNear Antonyms coercion, duress, force; duty, obligation; Hobson's choice

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