Synonyms and Antonyms of bluntness

  1. the free expression of one's true feelings and opinions the refreshing bluntness of the former president in assessing those who followed him in the Oval Office Synonyms candor, candidness, directness, forthrightness, frankness, honesty, openheartedness, openness, outspokenness, plainness, plainspokenness, plumpness, straightforwardness, unguardedness, unreserve, unreservednessRelated Words earnestness, sincerity, sobriety; artlessness, genuineness, naïveté (also naivete or naiveté), simplicity, unsophistication; communicativeness, freedom, license (or licence), uninhibitedeness, unrestrainedness, unrestraintNear Antonyms circuitousness, evasiveness, secretiveness; inhibition, reserve, restraint, reticence, shyness; diplomacy, tactAntonyms dissembling, dissimulation, indirection

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