Synonyms and Antonyms of parsimony

  1. 1 the quality or practice of being overly sparing with money her parsimony was so extreme that she'd walk five miles to the store to save a few cents on gas Synonyms cheapness, cheeseparing, closeness, miserliness, niggardliness, penny-pinching, penuriousness, pinching, stinginess, tightfistedness, tightness Related Words conserving, economizing, economy, frugality, husbandry, providence, scrimping, skimping, thrift; conservation, saving; husbanding, managing Near Antonyms bountifulness, bounty, generosity, largesse (also largess), liberality, openhandedness, openheartedness, philanthropy, unselfishness; extravagance, lavishness; dissipation, improvidence, prodigality, squandering, wastefulness

  2. 2 careful management of material resources people often think that the good times will last forever and have little interest in parsimony Synonyms frugality, husbandry, economy, penny-pinching, providence, scrimping, skimping, thriftRelated Words conservation, saving; miserliness, niggardliness, stinginess; belt-tightening, retrenchment; discretion, forehandedness, prudence; austerity, moderation, restraint, temperanceNear Antonyms extravagance, improvidence, lavishness, prodigality, squanderingAntonyms diseconomy, wastefulness

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