Synonyms and Antonyms of exposition

  1. 1 a public showing of objects of interest <an exposition of flying machines from the early days of aviation> Synonyms display, exhibit, expo, exhibition, fair, showRelated Words demonstration, performance, presentation, production; extravaganza, pageant, spectacle; auction, offering, presentment, sale

  2. 2 a series of explanations or observations on something (as an event) <the nonstop exposition of the ceremonies by the TV newscasters was both unnecessary and irritating> Synonyms analysis, comment, commentary, play-by-playRelated Words annotation, explication; descant (also discant), note, observation, remark; report, review, write-up

  3. 3 a statement that makes something clear <the astronomer's exposition of white dwarfs was a little helpful> Synonyms clarification, construction, elucidation, exegesis, explication, explanation, illumination, illustration, interpretation, road mapRelated Words paraphrase, restatement, translation; annotation, comment, commentary, epexegesis, gloss; deciphering, decoding; disentanglement, unscrambling; analysis; edification, enlightenment; definition, meaning; demonstration, enactment; justification, rationale, rationalization, reasoning; caution, caveat, warning

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