Synonyms and Antonyms of caterwaul

  1. to express dissatisfaction, pain, or resentment usually tiresomely like other small-town teens, they were caterwauling about the lack of things to do Synonyms beef, bellyache, bitch, bleat, carp, complain, crab, croak, fuss, gripe, grizzle, grouch, grouse, growl, grumble, grump, holler, inveigh, keen, kick, kvetch, maunder [chiefly British], moan, murmur, mutter, nag, repine, scream, squawk, squeal, wail, whimper, whine, whinge [British], yammer, yawp (or yaup), yowlRelated Words object (to), protest, quarrel (with); cavil, quibble; fret, stew, worry; blubber, cry, sob; bemoan, bewail, deplore, lamentNear Antonyms accept, bear, countenance, endure, take, tolerate; applaud, cheer, commendAntonyms crow, delight, rejoice

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