Synonyms and Antonyms of accentuate

  1. 1 to indicate the importance of by centering attention on let's accentuate the saxophones during this piece by having the sax players stand up Synonyms accent, emphasize, feature, foreground, highlight, illuminate, play up, point (up), press, punctuate, stressRelated Words focus, identify, pinpoint, spotlight; advertise, boost, plug, promote, publicize; overplayNear Antonyms tone (down), underemphasize, understate; belittle, discount, disparage, minimizeAntonyms de-emphasize, play down

  2. 2 to make markedly greater in measure or degree the foul weather merely accentuated my feelings of depression Synonyms intensify, amp (up), amplify, beef (up), boost, consolidate, deepen, enhance, heighten, magnify, redouble, step up, strengthenRelated Words broaden, enlarge, expand, extend, lengthen; accelerate, hasten, quicken; emphasize, point (up), sharpen, stress; augment, enforce, reinforce (also reenforce), restrengthen, supplement; maximize; enliven, jazz (up); aggravate, exacerbateNear Antonyms decrease, diminish, lessen, let up (on), reduce, subdue, tone (down), weaken; dwindle, recede, subside, taper (off), wane; alleviate, ease, lightenAntonyms abate, moderate

  3. 3 to make more apparent unfortunately, the new bedspread just accentuates the dinginess of the curtains behind the bed Synonyms emphasize, bring out, italicize, stress, underline, underscoreRelated Words amplify, beef (up), boost, reinforce (also reenforce), strengthen; augment, deepen, enhance, enlarge, heighten, magnify, maximize, supplement; enliven, jazz (up)Near Antonyms decrease, diminish, lessen, minimize, reduce, subdue, tone (down), understate, weakenAntonyms de-emphasize

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