Synonyms and Antonyms of emphasize

  1. 1 to indicate the importance of by centering attention on supermarket tabloids that emphasize sensational news stories Synonyms accent, accentuate, feature, foreground, highlight, illuminate, play up, point (up), press, punctuate, stress Related Words focus, identify, pinpoint, spotlight; advertise, boost, plug, promote, publicize; overplay Phrases bear down on, make much of Near Antonyms tone (down), underemphasize, understate; belittle, discount, disparage, minimize Antonyms de-emphasize, play down

  2. 2 to make more apparent that huge belt buckle only emphasizes his big gut Synonyms accentuate, bring out, italicize, stress, underline, underscore Related Words amplify, beef (up), boost, reinforce (also reenforce), strengthen; augment, deepen, enhance, enlarge, heighten, magnify, maximize, supplement; enliven, jazz (up) Near Antonyms decrease, diminish, lessen, minimize, reduce, subdue, tone (down), understate, weaken Antonyms de-emphasize

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