Synonyms and Antonyms of obscurity

  1. 1 the quality or state of having a veiled or uncertain meaning the 16th-century astrologer's predictions are so filled with obscurity that people can interpret them any way they want Synonyms of obscurity ambiguity, ambiguousness, darkness, equivocalness, equivocation, inscrutability, inscrutableness, murkiness, mysteriousness, nebulosity, nebulousness, obliqueness, obliquity, opacity, opaqueness Words Related to obscurity mystery, reconditeness; cloudiness, dimness, faintness, fogginess, fuzziness, haziness, indefiniteness, indistinctness, mistiness, shade, shadow, uncertainty, vagueness; impenetrability, incomprehensibility, incomprehensibleness; circuitousness, circuity, indirectness; deepness, depth, profoundness; abstruseness, abstrusity, complexity, complication, difficulty, obtuseness Near Antonyms of obscurity comprehensibility, intelligibility, legibility; brightness, distinctness, self-evidence; certainty, surety; definiteness, exactness, explicitness, incision, incisiveness, lucidity, lucidness, perspicuity, perspicuousness; directness, forthrightness, openness, straightforwardness; palpability, tangibility, tangibleness, visibility; readability, readableness; obviousness Antonyms of obscurity clarity, clearness, obviousness, plainness

  2. 2 the quality or state of being mostly or completely unknown the singer languished in relative obscurity for years before becoming famous Synonyms of obscurity anonymity, facelessness, namelessness, nowhere, nowheresville, silence Words Related to obscurity oblivion; inconspicuousness, invisibility, invisibleness; insignificance; unpopularity Near Antonyms of obscurity character, mark, name, note, rep [slang], report, reputation, repute; favor, popularity; importance, significance; distinction, eminence, glory, greatness, honor, illustriousness, note, preeminence, prominence; megastardom, superstardom; cachet, kudos, position, prestige, rank, standing, stature; acclaim, acknowledgment (or acknowledgement), praise, recognition; adoration, idolization Antonyms of obscurity celebrity, fame, notoriety, renown

  3. 3 the quality or state of being impossible to know, understand, or explain her novels were favored by gullible critics who confuse obscurity with profundity Synonyms of obscurity impenetrability, inscrutableness, mysteriousness, numinousness, inscrutability, uncanninessWords Related to obscurity deepness, profundity; darkness, murkiness, inscrutability, shadowiness, vagueness; ambiguity, equivocality, equivocalness; incomprehensibility, unintelligibility, unintelligibleness; inexplicability, inexplicableness; unanswerability; unknowability; abstruseness, abstrusity, esotericism, hermetism, reconditenessNear Antonyms of obscurity intelligibility, understandability; clarity, obviousness, plainness, self-evidence, straightforwardness, transparency

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to make or become suitable or fit

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