Synonyms and Antonyms of anonymity

  1. the quality or state of being mostly or completely unknown oddly enough we like the anonymity of being a part of an enormous crowd Synonyms obscurity, facelessness, namelessness, nowhere, nowheresville, silenceRelated Words oblivion; inconspicuousness, invisibility, invisibleness; insignificance; unpopularityNear Antonyms character, mark, name, note, rep [slang], report, reputation, repute; favor, popularity; importance, significance; distinction, eminence, glory, greatness, honor, illustriousness, note, preeminence, prominence; megastardom, superstardom; cachet, kudos, position, prestige, rank, standing, stature; acclaim, acknowledgment (or acknowledgement), praise, recognition; adoration, idolizationAntonyms celebrity, fame, notoriety, renown

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