Synonyms and Antonyms of swish

  1. 1 a sound similar to the speech sound \s\ stretched out the steady swish of the windshield wipers Synonyms fizz, sizzle, hiss, whish, whiz (or whizz)Related Words swoosh, wheeze, whistle, whoosh, zip; sibilance, sibilant

  2. 2 a quick jerky movement from side to side or up and down the mare brushed away the flies with a sweeping swish of her tail Synonyms {h,1}wag, switch, waggle, whiskRelated Words oscillation, rock, sway, swing, waver; flap, flutter, wave, whip; flick, jerk, jolt, snap, twitch; jiggle, shake, wiggle; bob, nod



Synonyms and Antonyms of swish

  1. 1 to make a sound like that of stretching out the speech sound \s\ with their satin costumes swishing, the little ballerinas pirouetted onto the stage Synonyms fizz, fizzle, sizzle, hiss, whish, whiz (or whizz)Related Words swoosh, wheeze, whistle, whoosh, zip; bubble, effervesce; buzz, drone, hum

  2. 2 to move from side to side or up and down with quick jerky motions the horse's tail swishes after every jump Synonyms wag, switch, waggleRelated Words oscillate, rock, sway, swing, waver; beat, flail, flap, flop, lash, whip; flick, flicker, flutter, wave; jerk, jolt; jig, jiggle, joggle, shake, twitch, wiggle; bob, jog, nod



Synonyms and Antonyms of swish

  1. being in the latest or current fashion a trendy boutique filled with swish accessories for the urban fashionista Synonyms à la mode (also a la mode), au courant, chic, cool [slang], exclusive, fashionable, fresh [slang], happening, hip, in, modish, sharp, smart, snappy, supercool, swell, stylish, trendy, voguishRelated Words downtown, edgy, funky; dapper, dashing, dressy, kicky, natty, rakish, sassy, saucy, spiffy, spruce; chichi, classy, flossy, haute (also haut), nobby, posh, ritzy, soigné (or soignée), swank (or swanky); elegant, graceful, handsome, majestic, refined, sophisticated, stately, tasteful, understated; doggish, doggy, flashy, gallant; dandyish, dudish, foppish; ultrachic, ultracool, ultrahip, ultraposh, ultrasmart, ultrasophisticatedNear Antonyms cheesy, tacky, unattractive, unbecoming; graceless, inelegant, tasteless, trashy, unhandsome; frowsy (or frowzy), sloppy, slovenly, unkempt, untidy; disheveled (or dishevelled), messy, mussy, rumpled, wrinkled; shabby, sleazyAntonyms dowdy, out, outmoded, styleless, unchic, uncool, unfashionable, unmodish, unstylish

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