Synonyms and Antonyms of oscillation

  1. 1 the frequent and usually sudden passing from one condition to another fickle springtime weather in which there seemed to be an unceasing oscillation between unseasonable heat and unseasonable cold Synonyms change, fluctuation, inconstancy, fluxRelated Words metamorphosis, mutation, transformation, transmogrification, transmutation; vacillation, wavering

  2. 2 a series of slight movements by a body back and forth or from side to side the precise oscillations of the quartz crystal that allows a quartz watch to keep such accurate time Synonyms jiggling, vibration, quivering, shaking, shivering, shuddering, trembling, twitchingRelated Words juddering [chiefly British], quaking, rocking; jiggle, palpitation, quiver, shake, shiver, shudder, tremble, tremor, twitch

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