Synonyms and Antonyms of defilement

  1. 1 an act of great disrespect shown to God or to sacred ideas, people, or things for two centuries the Christian monasteries in England suffered defilements at the hands of Viking invaders Synonyms blasphemy, desecration, impiety, irreverence, profanation, sacrilegeRelated Words cursing, profanity, swearing; affront, insult; violation; contamination, corruption, debasement, pollution; sin, trespassNear Antonyms consecration, purification, sanctification; reverence, venerationAntonyms adoration, glorification, worship

  2. 2 something that is or that makes impure souvenir shops, observation towers, and other tacky defilements on Civil War battlefields that should be considered hallowed ground Synonyms adulterant, contaminant, contamination, impurity, pollutantRelated Words blot, blotch, spot, stain, taint; dirt, filth, grime, muck, scum, sludge, smut, soil; blemish, defect, disfigurement, fault, flaw; abnormality, imperfection, irregularityNear Antonyms clarifier, filter, purifier, refiner; cleanliness, immaculateness, purity

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