Synonyms and Antonyms of spurious

  1. 1 being such in appearance only and made or manufactured with the intention of committing fraud a spurious Picasso painting that wouldn't have fooled an art expert for a second Synonyms of spurious bogus, fake, false, forged, inauthentic, phony (also phoney), queer, sham, snide, counterfeit, unauthenticWords Related to spurious artificial, factitious, imitation, man-made, mimic, mock, simulated, substitute, synthetic; dummy, nonfunctioning, ornamental; cultured, fabricated, manufactured; deceptive, delusive, misleadingNear Antonyms of spurious natural; actual, true, validAntonyms of spurious authentic, bona fide, genuine, real, unfaked

  2. 2 lacking in natural or spontaneous quality claimed that the governor's election-year enthusiasm for conservation was spurious, since he had cut funding for state parks Synonyms of spurious affected, assumed, bogus, contrived, factitious, fake, false, feigned, forced, mechanical, mock, phony (also phoney), plastic, pretended, pseudo, put-on, sham, simulated, artificial, strained, unnaturalWords Related to spurious automatic, canned, concocted, fabricated, hokey, labored, manufactured, pat, unauthentic, unreal, unrealistic; double-dealing, empty, facile, hollow, hypocritical, insincere, left-handed, mealy, mealymouthed, two-faced, unctuous; exaggerated, histrionic, melodramatic, overacted, overdone, theatrical (also theatric); cute, cutesy, genteel, goody-goody, mincing, overrefined, simpering; conventional, formal, impersonal, inflexible, rigid, stiff, stylized, wooden; artful, calculated, conscious, cultivated, deliberate, premeditated, studiedNear Antonyms of spurious authentic, bona fide, real, realistic, right, true; honest, ingenuous, sincere, unpretending; easy, effortless, smooth; extemporaneous, impromptu, impulsive, instinctive, unconscious, unprompted, unrehearsed, unstudiedAntonyms of spurious artless, genuine, natural, spontaneous, unaffected, uncontrived, unfeigned, unforced

  3. 3 born to a father and mother who are not married the spurious son of Charles II, the Duke of Monmouth would later mount a rebellion in a disastrous attempt to claim the throne Synonyms of spurious baseborn, bastard, misbegotten, natural, illegitimate, supposititious, unfatheredWords Related to spurious fatherless, motherless; nameless; adopted, orphanedAntonyms of spurious legitimate

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