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  1. 1 belonging to the class of people of low social or economic rank in the Middle Ages, a baseborn person simply had to accept his or her station in life Synonyms ignoble, common, humble, inferior, low, lowborn, lower-class, low-life, lowly, lumpen, mean, plebeian, prole, proletarian, unwashed, vulgarRelated Words bourgeois, middle-class; plain, poor, simple, working-class; déclassé, down-market, downscaleNear Antonyms eminent, illustrious, notable, prominentAntonyms aristocratic, blue-blooded, genteel, gentle, grand, great, high, highborn, highbred, lofty, noble, partrician, upper-class, upper-crust, wellborn

  2. 2 born to a father and mother who are not married a baseborn child who didn't even know his father's name Synonyms illegitimate, bastard, misbegotten, natural, spurious, supposititious, unfatheredRelated Words fatherless, motherless; nameless; adopted, orphanedAntonyms legitimate

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