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  1. 1 a crowded mass (as of cars) that impedes or blocks movement the presence of an ambulance on the side of the highway created a logjam of rubberneckers who just had to have a look Synonyms backup, bottleneck, jam-up, jam, snarl, tailback [British], tie-upRelated Words tangle; gridlock, lock; congestion, traffic; crawl, delay, slowdown, stoppage

  2. 2 a point in a struggle where neither side is capable of winning or willing to give in efforts to break the logjam in the talks between union and management Synonyms deadlock, gridlock, halt, impasse, Mexican standoff, stalemate, standoff, standstillRelated Words dead end; bind, bottleneck, corner, dilemma, fix, hole, jam, morass, pickle, pinch, plight, predicament, quagmire, quandary, spot; difficulty; problem

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