Synonyms and Antonyms of preponderance

  1. 1 the fact or state of being above others in rank or importance not since Rome in its glory days had a nation enjoyed such overwhelming military preponderance Synonyms distinction, dominance, noteworthiness, paramountcy, preeminence, eminence, preponderancy, prepotency, prestigiousness, primacy, superiority, supremacy, transcendenceRelated Words celebrity, fame, famousness, glory, honor, kudos, renown, reputation, repute; megastardom, stardom, superstardom; greatness, illustriousness, nobleness, notableness; ascendance (also ascendence), ascendancy (also ascendency), authority, domination, dominion; influence, power, prestige, weight; infamy, notorietyNear Antonyms insignificance; inferiority, mediocrity; obscureness, obscurity

  2. 2 the largest part or quantity of something a preponderance of the evidence points to the guilt of the defendant Synonyms bulk, generality, lion's share, mass, majorityRelated Words plurality; maximum, most; abundance, heap, loads, lot, much, oodles, plenty, profusion, reams, scads, wealthNear Antonyms couple, few, handful, smattering, sprinkling; least, minimumAntonyms minority

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