Synonyms and Antonyms of preponderancy

  1. the fact or state of being above others in rank or importance the preponderancy of the Democratic Party in the state's political affairs has long been accepted as a fact of life Synonyms distinction, dominance, noteworthiness, paramountcy, preeminence, preponderance, eminence, prepotency, prestigiousness, primacy, superiority, supremacy, transcendenceRelated Words celebrity, fame, famousness, glory, honor, kudos, renown, reputation, repute; megastardom, stardom, superstardom; greatness, illustriousness, nobleness, notableness; ascendance (also ascendence), ascendancy (also ascendency), authority, domination, dominion; influence, power, prestige, weight; infamy, notorietyNear Antonyms insignificance; inferiority, mediocrity; obscureness, obscurity

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