Synonyms and Antonyms of totter

  1. 1 to move forward while swaying from side to side tottered around the house as she practiced walking in high heels Synonyms careen, dodder, lurch, reel, teeter, stagger, waddleRelated Words rock, roll, seesaw, swag, sway, waver, weave, wobble (also wabble); barge, blunder, clomp, clump, flounder, galumph, lumber, lump, pound, scuff, scuffle, shamble, shuffle, stamp, stomp, stumble, tramp, tromp

  2. 2 to swing unsteadily back and forth or from side to side the figurine tottered precariously for a moment before falling off the shelf Synonyms falter, rock, teeter, waver, wobble (also wabble)Related Words flounder, lurch, stumble, toddle; quake, quaver, quiver, shake, shudder, tremble, vibrate; careen, reel, stagger, weave

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