Synonyms and Antonyms of ballyhoo

  1. 1 a state of noisy, confused activity <it turned out that the ballyhoo was the result of a movie being filmed on the street> Synonyms ado, alarums and excursions, commotion, blather, bluster, bobbery, bother, bustle, clatter, clutter [chiefly dialect], coil, corroboree [Australian], disturbance, do [chiefly dialect], foofaraw, fun, furor, furore, fuss, helter-skelter, hoo-ha (also hoo-hah), hoopla, hubble-bubble, hubbub, hullabaloo, hurly, hurly-burly, hurricane, hurry, hurry-scurry (or hurry-skurry), kerfuffle [chiefly British], moil, pandemonium, pother, row, ruckus, ruction, rumpus, shindy, splore [Scottish], squall, stew, stir, storm, to-do, tumult, turmoil, uproar, welter, whirl, williwaw, zooRelated Words cacophony, clamor, din, howl, hue and cry, noise, outcry, racket, roar; disorder, unrest, upheaval; eruption, flare-up, flurry, flutter, outbreak, outburst; brawl, fracas, fray, hassle, melee (also mêlée), scuffle; dither, fever, fret, lather, tizzyNear Antonyms calm, hush, peace, quiet, quietude, rest, stillness, tranquillity (or tranquility); order, orderliness

  2. 2 information released to the media that is designed to gain public attention or support for a person, business, or cause <the usual ballyhoo intended to fill the seats at megaplexes around the country> Synonyms publicity, hype, pufferyRelated Words ad, advertisement, commercial, message, plug, promotion, spot, word; banner, bill, billboard, placard, poster, sign; advertising, marketing, propaganda; pronouncement, publication, release; broadcast, bulletin, dispatch, newscast, report, story; ink [slang], testimonial, write-up



Synonyms and Antonyms of ballyhoo

  1. 1 to praise or publicize lavishly and often excessively <that reviewer always ballyhoos any book by one of his pet authors> Synonyms tout, blow up, crack up, cry up, glorify, trumpet, tub-thumpRelated Words acclaim, applaud, extol (also extoll), laud, magnify; commend, compliment, eulogize; advance, advertise, announce, blare, blaze, blazon, boost, herald, offer, plug, promote, publicize; assert, aver, claim, declare, lay down, make out, proclaim, pronounce

  2. 2 to provide publicity for <the TV networks usually spend the summer months ballyhooing their new fall shows> Synonyms publicize, hype, pitch, plug, promote, talk up, toutRelated Words advertise, bark, merchandise (also merchandize), sell; push; acclaim, hail, laud, praise; endorse (also indorse), plump (for), plunk (for) or plonk (for); recommend, review; announce, broadcast, publish

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