Synonyms and Antonyms of heaviness

  1. 1 the amount that something weighs the numbers on the back of each sample indicate the heaviness of the carpeting material Synonyms avoirdupois, weight, heftRelated Words bulk, mass; poundage, tonnage; deadweight; heftiness, massiveness, ponderousness, weightiness; solidity, solidness, substantiality, substantialness

  2. 2 the state or quality of being heavy the backpack was filled with water bottles that gave it an extra heaviness Synonyms avoirdupois, weightiness, heftiness, massiveness, ponderousnessRelated Words overweight; solidity, solidness, substantiality, substantialness; bulk, bulkiness, hugeness; cumbersomenessNear Antonyms airiness, delicacy, ethereality, etherealness; flimsiness, fluffiness, insubstantiality, slightnessAntonyms lightness, weightlessness

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