Synonyms and Antonyms of covetousness

  1. 1 a painful awareness of another's possessions or advantages and a desire to have them too his covetousness for his neighbors' things spoils any enjoyment he might have of his own possessions Synonyms envy, enviousness, green-eyed monster, invidiousness, jealousy, resentmentRelated Words animosity, enmity, hatred, ill will; malice, maliciousness, spitefulnessNear Antonyms benevolence, goodwill, kindness, sympathy

  2. 2 an intense selfish desire for wealth or possessions an insatiable covetousness made her work long hours so that she could afford expensive things Synonyms acquisitiveness, avarice, avariciousness, avidity, avidness, greed, cupidity, graspingness, greediness, mercenariness, rapaciousness, rapacityRelated Words commercialism, materialism, possessiveness; gluttonousness, gluttony, piggishness; appetite, craving, desire, drive, hankering, hunger, itch, longing, lust, passion, pining, ravenousness, thirst, voracity, yearning, yen; egoism, egotism, self-centeredness, self-interest, selfishness, self-regardNear Antonyms contentment, fulfillment (or fulfilment), gratification, satisfaction; bounteousness, bountifulness, bounty, charity, generosity, generousness, largesse (also largess), liberality, magnanimity, openhandedness, openheartedness, unselfishness; altruism, selflessness

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