Synonyms and Antonyms of nausea

  1. 1 a disturbed condition of the stomach in which one feels like vomiting symptoms include fever accompanied by a loss of appetite and nausea Synonyms nauseousness, qualmishness, queasiness, queerness, sickness, squeamishness Related Words qualm; airsickness, altitude sickness, car sickness, morning sickness, motion sickness, mountain sickness, seasickness

  2. 2 a dislike so strong as to cause stomach upset or queasiness such graphic scenes of senseless violence fill me with nausea Synonyms aversion, distaste, horror, loathing, disgust, repugnance, repulsion, revulsionRelated Words abhorrence, abomination, antipathy, execration, hate, hatred; allergy, averseness, disapproval, disfavor, disinclination, dislike, disliking, displeasureNear Antonyms appetite, bent, fancy, favor, fondness, like, liking, love, partiality, penchant, predilection, preference, propensity, relish, shine, taste, use

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