Synonyms and Antonyms of horror

  1. 1 the quality of inspiring intense dread or dismay it's difficult to even begin to comprehend the horror of the Holocaust Synonyms of horror atrociousness, atrocity, awfulness, dreadfulness, frightfulness, ghastliness, grisliness, gruesomeness, hideousness, horridness, monstrosity, repulsiveness Words Related to horror badness, baseness, depravedness, depravity, diabolicalness, evil, evilness, foulness, heinousness, immorality, iniquitousness, iniquity, invidiousness, sinfulness, ungodliness, viciousness, vileness, wickedness; accursedness, cursedness, deplorableness, despicableness, detestableness, execrableness, hatefulness, loathsomeness, reprehensibleness; creepiness, eeriness, fearfulness, fearsomeness, ghostliness, ghoulishness, scariness; agony, anguish, hellishness, misery, torment, torture Near Antonyms of horror agreeableness, delightfulness, pleasantness, pleasurableness; allurement, appeal, attraction, attractiveness, desirability, desirableness

  2. 2 a situation or state that causes great suffering and unhappiness had never experienced the horrors of war Synonyms of horror agony, Gehenna, hell, misery, murder, nightmare, torment, tortureWords Related to horror affliction, calvary, cross, curse, ordeal, trial, tribulation; calamity, misfortune, tragedy; gall, thorn; bummer, downer, dragNear Antonyms of horror delight, diversion, entertainment, fun, joy, pleasure, recreation; lark, picnic, riotAntonyms of horror heaven, paradise

  3. 3 something unpleasant to look at are you really going to hang that horror on the wall? Synonyms of horror fright, hideosity, eyesore, mess, monstrosity, sightWords Related to horror eye-catcher; blot, smear, smudge, spot, stainNear Antonyms of horror vision

  4. 4 the emotion experienced in the presence or threat of danger imagine my horror at finding myself face to face with a lion on the loose Synonyms of horror alarm (also alarum), anxiety, dread, fearfulness, fright, fear, panic, scare, terror, trepidationWords Related to horror phobia; creeps, jitters, nervousness, willies; pang, qualm, twinge; agitation, apprehension, consternation, discomposure, disquiet, funk, perturbation; concern, dismay, worry; cowardice, faintheartedness, timidity, timorousnessNear Antonyms of horror aplomb, assurance, boldness, confidence, self-assurance, self-confidence; bravery, courage, courageousness, daring, dauntlessness, doughtiness, fearlessness, fortitude, gallantry, hardihood, intrepidity, intrepidness, stoutness, valor; audacity, guts, nerve

  5. 5 a dislike so strong as to cause stomach upset or queasiness cat lover or no, she regards cleaning the litter box with horror Synonyms of horror aversion, distaste, disgust, loathing, nausea, repugnance, repulsion, revulsionWords Related to horror abhorrence, abomination, antipathy, execration, hate, hatred; allergy, averseness, disapproval, disfavor, disinclination, dislike, disliking, displeasureNear Antonyms of horror appetite, bent, fancy, favor, fondness, like, liking, love, partiality, penchant, predilection, preference, propensity, relish, shine, taste, use

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