Synonyms and Antonyms of Gehenna

  1. 1 a situation or state that causes great suffering and unhappiness the depression that has enshrouded her since the death of her husband is a Gehenna from which she may never be released Synonyms agony, hell, horror, misery, murder, nightmare, torment, tortureRelated Words affliction, calvary, cross, curse, ordeal, trial, tribulation; calamity, misfortune, tragedy; gall, thorn; bummer, downer, dragNear Antonyms delight, diversion, entertainment, fun, joy, pleasure, recreation; lark, picnic, riotAntonyms heaven, paradise

  2. 2 the place of punishment for the wicked after death in a fire-and-brimstone sermon, the evangelist warned those assembled that they faced the fires of Gehenna if they failed to repent Synonyms hell, Pandemonium, perdition, TophetRelated Words blazes, inferno; purgatory; hades, netherworld, shades, Tartarus, underworld; Sheol; abyss, pit; fire and brimstone, hellfireNear Antonyms glory, happy hunting ground, nirvana, promised land, ValhallaAntonyms bliss, elysian fields, Elysium, empyrean, heaven, kingdom come, New Jerusalem, paradise, sky, Zion (also Sion)

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