Synonyms and Antonyms of qualmishness

  1. 1 a disturbed condition of the stomach in which one feels like vomiting <her qualmishness subsided after she had sipped a little ginger ale> Synonyms nauseousness, nausea, queasiness, queerness, sickness, squeamishnessRelated Words qualm; airsickness, altitude sickness, car sickness, morning sickness, motion sickness, mountain sickness, seasickness

  2. 2 the tendency to be or state of being squeamish <I can't explain my qualmishness about spiders, but for some reason they really bother me> Synonyms delicacy, queasiness, squeamishnessRelated Words daintiness, fastidiousness, finicalness, finickiness, fussinessNear Antonyms boldness, gutsinessAntonyms indelicacy

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