Synonyms and Antonyms of intertwist

  1. 1 to cause to twine about one another intertwisted the cables in his roommate's entertainment system just out of spite Synonyms enlace, entwine, implicate [archaic], interlace, intertwine, interweave, inweave, lace, ply, twist, weave, wreathe, writheRelated Words braid, plait, plat, pleach; blend, fuse, join, link, mixNear Antonyms disentangle, uncoil, untangle, untwine, unwind

  2. 2 to twist together into a usually confused mass the tree's intertwisted roots seemed to extend forever Synonyms interlace, intertwine, entangle, interweave, knot, snarl, tangleRelated Words jumble, scrabble, scramble; braid, enlace, entwine, entwist, inweave, plait, twine, weave, wind, wreathe, writheNear Antonyms unknot, unravel, unscramble; unweaveAntonyms disentangle, unsnarl, untangle, untwine, untwist

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