Synonyms and Antonyms of hay

  1. 1 a very small sum of money their credit card debt isn't hay—it'll take years to pay it off Synonyms chicken feed [slang], chump change, dime, mite, peanuts, pin money, pittance, shoestring, song, two centsRelated Words petty cash, pocket money, spending moneyNear Antonyms bankroll, capital, funds, means, wherewithal; opulence, pelf, riches, treasure, wealth; heap, pile, pot; bonanza, mine, treasure trove, treasuryAntonyms big buck(s), boodle, bundle, fortune, king's ransom, megabuck(s), mint, wad

  2. 2 slang  a place set aside for sleeping dragging myself out of the hay on such a cold, dreary morning seemed like an act of sheer masochism Synonyms bunk, doss [chiefly British], bed [slang], kip, lair [British dialect], pad, rack, sackRelated Words bedstead, futon, mattress, pallet; bunk bed, cot, couch, daybed, feather bed, four-poster, hammock, Murphy bed, shakedown, sleigh bed, sofa, sofa bed, studio couch, trundle bed, water bed; bassinet, carry-cot [British], cradle, crib

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