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  1. 1 a short musical composition for the human voice often with instrumental accompaniment she sang a little-known song for the talent show Synonyms ballad, ditty, jingle, lay, lyric, vocal Related Words anthem, cantata, canticle, carol, chorale, hymn, noel, psalm, spiritual; dirge, lament, requiem, threnody; hallelujah, paean; aria, art song, barcarole (or barcarolle), blues, chanson, chant, chantey (or chanty or shanty), chorus, croon, descant (also discant), folk song, glee, lullaby, madrigal, motet, part-song, pop, rocker, round, roundelay, serenade, standard; drinking song, fight song; torch song; cover, medley, remix

  2. 2 a composition using rhythm and often rhyme to create a lyrical effect the songs of Shakespeare Synonyms lyric, rune, poem, verseRelated Words rhyme (also rime); ballad, lay; anacreontic, clerihew, dithyramb, eclogue, elegy, English sonnet, epic, epigram, epode, epopee, epos, georgic, idyll (also idyl), jingle, lament, limerick, madrigal, ode, pastoral, pastorale, psalm, rondeau, rondel (or rondelle), rondelet, sonnet, triolet, villanelle; haiku, senryu, tanka; blank verse, free verse, minstrelsy, poesy, poetry, versification, vers libre

  3. 3 a rhythmic series of musical tones arranged to give a pleasing effect whistle a song as accompaniment to your work Synonyms air, lay, melody, strain, tune, warbleRelated Words descant (also discant); cadence, measure, meter, rhythm; ballad, ditty, hymn, lyric, madrigal

  4. 4 a very small sum of money developers bought the land for a song Synonyms chicken feed [slang], chump change, dime, hay, peanuts, pin money, pittance, shoestring, mite, two centsRelated Words petty cash, pocket money, spending moneyNear Antonyms bankroll, capital, funds, means, wherewithal; opulence, pelf, riches, treasure, wealth; heap, pile, pot; bonanza, mine, treasure trove, treasuryAntonyms big buck(s), boodle, bundle, fortune, king's ransom, megabuck(s), mint, wad

  5. 5 writing that uses rhythm, vivid language, and often rhyme to provoke an emotional response a hero honored in song and story Synonyms minstrelsy, poesy, poetry, verseRelated Words rhyme (also rime); blank verse, free verse, vers libreAntonyms prose

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