Synonyms and Antonyms of pastoral

  1. 1 of, relating to, associated with, or typical of open areas with few buildings or people painted a pastoral scene of a flower-filled meadow Synonyms bucolic, country, rural, rustic (also rustical)Related Words backwoods, backwoodsy, countrified (also countryfied), provincial; agrarian, agricultural; nonurban, semiruralNear Antonyms citified, urbanized; metro, metropolitan, municipal; nonagricultural, nonfarmAntonyms urban

  2. 2 of, relating to, or characteristic of the clergy pastoral advice to a young couple preparing to marry Synonyms clerkly, ministerial, clerical, priestly, sacerdotalRelated Words evangelical (also evangelic), missionary; apostolic, canonical, diaconal, diocesan, episcopal, papal, patriarchal, pontifical; churchly, ecclesiastic, ecclesiastical; divine, holy, religious, sacramental; conventual, mendicant, monachal, monastic; caliphal, rabbinic (or rabbinical)Antonyms lay, nonclerical, secular, temporal

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