Synonyms and Antonyms of temporal

  1. 1 having to do with life on earth especially as opposed to that in heaven do not worry about temporal concerns, but instead focus on spiritual matters Synonyms carnal, earthborn, earthbound, fleshly, material, mundane, sublunary, earthly, terrene, terrestrial, worldlyRelated Words animal, bodily, corporal, corporeal, physical; daily, diurnal; unspiritual; anthropic (or anthropical), anthropocentricNear Antonyms celestial, Elysian, empyreal, empyrean, supernal; metaphysical; devotional, divine, religious, sacred, spiritual, utopian; extraterrestrial; ethereal, supernatural, transcendent, transcendentalAntonyms heavenly, nontemporal, unearthly, unworldly

  2. 2 not involving religion or religious matters administrators on campus are in place to deal with students' temporal needs, and spiritual advisors are available to help students with their nontemporal needs Synonyms nonreligious, secular, profaneRelated Words atheistic, godless, irreligious, pagan, paganish, religionless; laical (or laic), lay, nonclerical; nondenominational, nonsectarian; earthly, mundane, terrene, terrestrial, worldly; material, physical, substantial; bodily, carnal, corporal, fleshly; blasphemous, impious, irreverent, sacrilegious; unconsecrated, unhallowedNear Antonyms divine, spiritual; consecrated, hallowed, holy, sacrosanct, sanctified; churchly, devout, godly, pious, prayerful, reverent, worshipful; ethereal, insubstantial, metaphysical, unsubstantial; bodiless, immaterial, incorporeal, nonphysicalAntonyms religious, sacred

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