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  1. having to do with life on earth especially as opposed to that in heaven <in the expenditure of his psychic energies, he strives to strike a balance between the celestial and the terrene> Synonyms carnal, earthborn, earthbound, fleshly, material, mundane, sublunary, temporal, earthly, terrestrial, worldlyRelated Words animal, bodily, corporal, corporeal, physical; daily, diurnal; unspiritual; anthropic (or anthropical), anthropocentricNear Antonyms celestial, Elysian, empyreal, empyrean, supernal; metaphysical; devotional, divine, religious, sacred, spiritual, utopian; extraterrestrial; ethereal, supernatural, transcendent, transcendentalAntonyms heavenly, nontemporal, unearthly, unworldly

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