Synonyms and Antonyms of reprehensible

  1. 1 deserving reproach or blame a reprehensible tyrant, who oppressed his country for decades, has finally been brought to justice Synonyms blamable, censurable, culpable, blameworthy, reproachableRelated Words bad, guilty, sinful, wicked; foolish, irresponsible, reckless; amerciable, chargeable, disciplinable, impeachable, indictable, punishable; criminal, illegal, illicit, unlawful; illegitimate, improper, wrongfulNear Antonyms flawless, perfect, pure; guiltless, innocentAntonyms blameless, faultless, impeccable, irreproachable

  2. 2 provoking or likely to provoke protest your behavior towards the other team was truly reprehensible, so you're being suspended from the next three games Synonyms censurable, exceptionable, obnoxious, offensive, objectionableRelated Words unacceptable, undesirable, unwanted, unwelcome; disagreeable, displeasing, distasteful, unpleasant; bad, execrable, lousy, miserable, terrible, unspeakable, wretched; atrocious, infamous; abhorrent, disgusting, gross, loathsome, repellent (also repellant), repugnant, repulsive, revolting, sickening, sickish, vile; naughty, wicked; debasing, perverted, profane; off, off-color (or off-colored), racy, salty, suggestive; indecent, indecorous, unbecoming; earthy, unprintable; bawdy, coarse, crude, dirty, filthy, foul, gross, lewd, nasty, obscene, smutty, vulgar; blamable, blameworthy, lascivious, pornographic, ribald, scurrilousNear Antonyms acceptable, agreeable, blessed (also blest), congenial, darling, delectable, delicious, delightful, delightsome, dreamy, dulcet, easy, enjoyable, felicitous, good, grateful, gratifying, nice, palatable, pleasant, pleasing, pleasurable, pretty, relishable, satisfying, welcome; good; approved, endorsed (also indorsed), sanctioned; abetted, encouraged, promoted, supported; becoming, correct, decent, decorous, exemplary, proper, respectable, seemly; blameless, commendable, creditable; immaculate, perfect, pure, spotless; politically correctAntonyms inoffensive, unobjectionable

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to criticize severely

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