Synonyms and Antonyms of cynosure

  1. 1 a guiding or motivating purpose or principle with an unwavering commitment to equal rights for all as his only cynosure Synonyms compass, direction, focus, lodestar (also loadstar), polestarRelated Words benchmark, criterion, grade, mark, measure, par, standard, touchstone, yardstick; aim, ambition, aspiration, dream, goal, intention, object, objective, purpose, target

  2. 2 a thing or place that is of greatest importance to an activity or interest that company is the cynosure for anyone wishing to make it in the music business Synonyms axis, base, capital, central, core, center, epicenter, eye, focus, ground zero, heart, hub, locus, mecca, navel, nerve center, nexus, nucleus, omphalos, seatRelated Words headquarters; happy hunting ground, hive, hotbed, hot spot, playground, playland; kernel, nub, pith; deep, thick; essence, quintessence, soul; attraction, lodestone (also loadstone), magnet, polestar

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