Synonyms and Antonyms of prelude

  1. 1 a performance, activity, or event that precedes and sets the stage for the main event an eruption of sectarian violence that proved to be the prelude to all-out civil war Synonyms curtain-raiser, overture, preamble, preliminary, prologue (also prolog), warm-up Related Words countdown, run-up [chiefly British]; lead-in; kickoff, start

  2. 2 a short section (as of a book) that leads to or explains the main part the musical had a brief prelude to get the audience in the proper mood Synonyms exordium, foreword, intro, preamble, preface, introduction, proem, prologue (also prolog), prolusionRelated Words beginning, commencement, initiation, opening, origin, origination, outset, startNear Antonyms envoi (or envoy), postscript; aftermath; cessation, close, closing, conclusion, end, finale, finish, stop, terminationAntonyms epilogue (also epilog)

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contemplative of or relative to the past

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