holding pattern


Synonyms and Antonyms of holding pattern

  1. 1 a state of temporary inactivity repair work on the bridge was in a holding pattern for the duration of the winter Synonyms cold storage, deep freeze, doldrums, dormancy, abeyance, latency, moratorium, quiescence, suspended animation, suspense, suspensionRelated Words inaction, inertia, inertness, motionlessness; impasse, standstill; coma, hibernation, hypnosis, repose, rest, sleep, slumber, torpor; recess, recession, remission; downtime, idleness, layoffNear Antonyms recommencement, renewal, resumption, resuscitationAntonyms continuance, continuation

  2. 2 an instance or period of being prevented from going about one's business the couple has been trapped in this holding pattern for six months, as adoption officials create more red tape Synonyms detainment, detention, holdback, delay, holdup, waitRelated Words deferment, deferral, postponement; reprieve, respite; foot-dragging, hesitation, lag, pause, setback, slowdownNear Antonyms haste, rush; dispatch, promptitude, promptness

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