Synonyms and Antonyms of detainment

  1. 1 an instance or period of being prevented from going about one's business the returning vacationers' detainment at the border only lasted a few minutes Synonyms delay, detention, holdback, holding pattern, holdup, waitRelated Words deferment, deferral, postponement; reprieve, respite; foot-dragging, hesitation, lag, pause, setback, slowdownNear Antonyms haste, rush; dispatch, promptitude, promptness

  2. 2 the state of being held in lawful custody she'll be kept in detainment until the trial if she can't post bail Synonyms detainer, detention, hold, immurement, imprisonment, incarcerationRelated Words captivity, confinement, internment; apprehension, arrest, arrestment, bust [slang], collar, pinch; capture, entrapment, seizure; enchainment, restraintNear Antonyms emancipation, freedom, liberationAntonyms discharge, release

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