Synonyms and Antonyms of rope

  1. 1 a length of braided, flexible material that is used for tying or connecting things used a rope to tie the boat to the dock Synonyms cable, lace, lacing, line, cord, string, wireRelated Words guy, halyard, lanyard, stay; bungee cord, whipcord

  2. 2 ropes pl  the characteristic peculiarities and technicalities of something needs a mentor who will show her the ropes of running a catering business Synonyms mechanics, ropes, workingsRelated Words details, incidentals, minutiae, particulars; oddities, quirks; brass tacks, nuts and bolts

  3. 3 ropes pl  the specific practical details of something still learning the ropes of her new job Synonyms brass tacks, nuts and bolts, ropesRelated Words incidentals, ins and outs, minutiae, particulars, specifics, technicalities; oddities, peculiarities, quirks; ramificationsNear Antonyms big picture

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a brief usually trivial fact

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