Synonyms and Antonyms of ligature

  1. 1 something that physically prevents free movement the surgeon tied a ligature around the tube to keep it in place Synonyms band, bind, bracelet, chain, cuff(s), fetter, handcuff(s), irons, bond, manacle(s), shackleRelated Words captivity, confinement, constraint, curb, enchainment, enslavement, hindrance, immurement, imprisonment, incarceration, restraint, restriction; entanglement, net, trammel, trap; collar, straitjacket (also straightjacket); fastener, hobble, hold, hold-down, holding, tie

  2. 2 a uniting or binding force or influence a common language is often the ligature that unites the people of a nation Synonyms cement, cord, knot, bond, link, tieRelated Words attachment, connection, fastening, hookup, joint, linkage, linkup, nexus, tie-up, union, yoke; affection, fondness, sympathy; fetter, handcuff, manacle, shackle, trammel; constraint, curb, hampering, limit, limitation, restraint, restrictionNear Antonyms detaching, disengaging, parting, separation; unbinding, unfastening, unfettering, untying (or untieing); emancipation, freedom, liberation, release

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