Synonyms and Antonyms of cement

  1. 1 a substance used to stick things together what kind of cement works best on glass and pottery? Synonyms adhesive, bond, glue, sizeRelated Words epoxy, epoxy resin, library paste, mucilage, paste, superglue, water glass; dope, goo, gum

  2. 2 a uniting or binding force or influence she is the cement that holds that often quarrelsome group together Synonyms bond, cord, knot, ligature, link, tieRelated Words attachment, connection, fastening, hookup, joint, linkage, linkup, nexus, tie-up, union, yoke; affection, fondness, sympathy; fetter, handcuff, manacle, shackle, trammel; constraint, curb, hampering, limit, limitation, restraint, restrictionNear Antonyms detaching, disengaging, parting, separation; unbinding, unfastening, unfettering, untying (or untieing); emancipation, freedom, liberation, release

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