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  1. 1 used or done by a number of people as a group multiple ownership of a vacation condo Synonyms collaborative, combined, common, communal, concerted, conjoint, conjunct, cooperative, joint, collective, mutual, pooled, public, shared, unitedRelated Words bilateral, consensual, reciprocal, symbiotic, synergic, synergistic, two-way; mass, popular; general, generic, universalNear Antonyms personal, private; independent, separate, several; esoteric, particular, special, specializedAntonyms exclusive, individual, one-man, one-sided, one-way, single, sole, solitary, unilateral

  2. 2 being of a large but indefinite number the multiple achievements of her long career in public education Synonyms beaucoup [slang], legion, multifold, many, multiplex, multitudinous, numerousRelated Words countless, innumerable, numberless, uncountable, unnumbered, untold; several, some; miscellaneous, mixed, sundry, various; divers, manifold, multifarious, myriadNear Antonyms countable, limitedAntonyms few

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