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  1. 1 being offspring produced by parents of different races, breeds, species, or genera our mixed dog has a greyhound's body but the features of a collie Synonyms cold-blooded (or coldblood), cross, crossbred, hybrid, mongrel Related Words grade, half-bred; dihybrid, trihybrid; crossed, hybridized, interbred, outcrossed Near Antonyms pedigreed (or pedigree); inbred, linebred, straightbred Antonyms blooded, full-blood, full-blooded, purebred, thoroughbred

  2. 2 consisting of many things of different sorts the continuing education program offers a very mixed selection of courses Synonyms assorted, eclectic, heterogeneous, indiscriminate, kitchen-sink, magpie, miscellaneous, motley, patchwork, piebald, promiscuous, raggle-taggle, ragtag, variedRelated Words manifold, multifarious; multiple, multiplex, myriad; disparate, divergent, diverse, sundry, various; chaotic, cluttered, confused, disarranged, disarrayed, disheveled (or dishevelled), disordered, farraginous, jumbled, littered, messed, messy, muddled; amalgamated, blended, combined, commingled, commixed, conglomerated, fused, incorporated, intermingled, intermixed, merged, mingled; composite, conglomerate, hybrid; unclassified, unsortedNear Antonyms monolithic, uniform; alike, identical, like, same; distinct, distinctive, individual, separateAntonyms homogeneous

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