Synonyms and Antonyms of curt

  1. 1 being or characterized by direct, brief, and potentially rude speech or manner she was offended by the curt reply to her well-meaning question Synonyms of curt abrupt, bluff, brusque (also brusk), crusty, blunt, downright, short, short-spoken, snippy, unceremoniousWords Related to curt gruff, rough, snappish; candid, direct, forthright, foursquare, frank, free-spoken, open, outspoken, plain, plainspoken, point-blank, straightforward, straight-out; artless, discourteous, disrespectful, impertinent, impolite, inconsiderate, insensitive, rude, tactless, undiplomatic; brief, closemouthed, laconic, reserved, reticent, terse, tight-lipped; earnest, honest, sincere; coarse, crass, crude, low, uncouth, vulgarNear Antonyms of curt civil, considerate, courteous, diplomatic, gracious, polite, politic, smooth, suave, tactful; loquacious, talkative, voluble; long-winded, prolix, verbose; courtly, cultivated, gallant, genteel, polished, refinedAntonyms of curt circuitous, mealymouthed

  2. 2 marked by the use of few words to convey much information or meaning on a daily basis she e-mailed to her commanders curt reports on the situation Synonyms of curt aphoristic, apothegmatic, brief, capsule, compact, compendious, crisp, concise, elliptical (or elliptic), epigrammatic, laconic, monosyllabic, pithy, sententious, succinct, summary, telegraphic, terse, thumbnailWords Related to curt abrupt, blunt, brusque (also brusk), short, snippety, snippy; abbreviated, abridged, condensed, curtailed, shortened; meaty, substantial; meaningful, significant; well-turnedNear Antonyms of curt pleonastic, redundant, repetitious, tautological, tautologous; enlarged, expanded, supplemented; embellished, embroidered, exaggerated, inflatedAntonyms of curt circuitous, circumlocutory, diffuse, long-winded, prolix, rambling, verbose, windy, wordy

Synonym Discussion of curt

bluff, blunt, brusque, curt, crusty, gruff mean abrupt and unceremonious in speech and manner. bluff connotes good-natured outspokenness and unconventionality.
    • a bluff manner
blunt suggests directness of expression in disregard of others' feelings.
    • a blunt appraisal
brusque applies to a sharpness or ungraciousness.
    • a brusque response
curt implies disconcerting shortness or rude conciseness.
    • a curt command
crusty suggests a harsh or surly manner sometimes concealing an inner kindliness.
    • a crusty exterior
gruff suggests a hoarse or husky speech which may imply bad temper but more often implies embarrassment or shyness.
    • puts on a gruff pose

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