Synonyms and Antonyms of politic

  1. 1 having or showing tact the actor is politic in discussing the aborted film project, being content to say that there were “creative differences” Synonyms diplomatic, tactfulRelated Words considerate, courteous, delicate, graceful, gracious, thoughtful; civil, mannerly, polite; charming, gallant, genteel, suave; deferential, dutiful, regardful, respectful; affable, cordial, friendly, genial, hospitable, kind, kindheartedNear Antonyms discourteous, inconsiderate, indelicate, thoughtless, ungracious; ill-bred, ill-mannered, impolite, uncalled-for, uncivil, unhandsome, unmannered, unmannerly; boorish, brash, brassy, caddish, churlish, clodhopping, clownish, loutish, uncouth; disregardful, disrespectful, impertinent, impudent, insolent, rudeAntonyms gauche, impolitic, tactless, undiplomatic, untactful

  2. 2 suitable for bringing about a desired result under the circumstances it probably would not be politic to tell your boss that his latest idea is the worst thing you've ever heard Synonyms advisable, desirable, judicious, expedient, prudent, tactical, wiseRelated Words advantageous, beneficial, profitable; useful, utilitarian; feasible, possible, practicable, practical; opportune, seasonable, timely; opportunistic, self-seekingNear Antonyms impractical, profitless, unfeasible, unprofitable; inopportune, unseasonable, untimelyAntonyms impolitic, imprudent, inadvisable, inexpedient, injudicious, unwise

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