Synonyms and Antonyms of clownish

  1. having or showing crudely insensitive or impolite manners <the clownish antics of some of the teenagers at the wedding reception> Synonyms boorish, churlish, classless, cloddish, loutish, uncouth Related Words coarse, ill-bred, uncultivated, unpolished, unrefined, unsophisticated; tasteless, vulgar; beastly, bestial; doltish, oafish, stupid; discourteous, impolite, mannerless, misleared [chiefly Scottish], rude, uncivil, ungracious, unmannerly; awkward, ungainly Near Antonyms couth, cultivated, polished, refined, sophisticated, well-bred; classy, courtly, genteel, gentlemanly, ladylike; civil, courteous, polite

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