Synonyms and Antonyms of timely

  1. 1 especially suitable for a certain time a timely invitation to lunch that came just as I was starting to feel hungry Synonyms opportune, seasonable, well-timed Related Words appropriate, apt, fit, fitting, meet, pat, proper, suitable; pertinent, relative, relevant; fortunate, lucky, propitious; anticipated, expected; prompt, punctual Near Antonyms improper, inappropriate, irrelative, irrelevant, unfit, unseemly, unsuitable; unfortunate, unlucky; behind, behindhand, belated, delayed, delinquent, late, latish, overdue, postponed, slow, tardy; anticipatory, early, precocious, premature; abrupt, sudden, unanticipated, unexpected Antonyms inopportune, unseasonable, untimely

  2. 2 done, carried out, or given without delay when I order a pizza, I expect it to be delivered in a timely manner Synonyms immediate, punctual, speedy, promptRelated Words apt, quick, ready, swift, willing; opportune, seasonable; earlyNear Antonyms delinquent, latish, overdue; behind, behindhand, delayed, detained; dilatory, laggard, slowAntonyms belated, late, tardy

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