Synonyms and Antonyms of judicious

  1. 1 having or showing good judgment and restraint especially in conduct or speech a good teacher who knows how to give judicious criticism as well as praise Synonyms intelligent, judgmatic (or judgmatical), discreet, prudentRelated Words cautious, chary, circumspect, cozy; forehanded, foresighted, foresightful, forethoughtful; discerning, discriminating, sage, sane, sapient, senseful, sensible, wise; canny, provident; astute, perspicacious, sagacious, shrewdNear Antonyms careless, heedless, incautious, rash; improvident, shortsighted; foolish, unwiseAntonyms imprudent, indiscreet, injudicious

  2. 2 suitable for bringing about a desired result under the circumstances I'll ask for the raise at a time I deem most judicious Synonyms advisable, desirable, expedient, politic, prudent, tactical, wiseRelated Words advantageous, beneficial, profitable; useful, utilitarian; feasible, possible, practicable, practical; opportune, seasonable, timely; opportunistic, self-seekingNear Antonyms impractical, profitless, unfeasible, unprofitable; inopportune, unseasonable, untimelyAntonyms impolitic, imprudent, inadvisable, inexpedient, injudicious, unwise

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