Synonyms and Antonyms of sapient

  1. having or showing deep understanding and intelligent application of knowledge an uncle who is always good for valuable insights and some sapient advice Synonyms discerning, insightful, perceptive, prudent, sagacious, sage, wiseRelated Words acute, penetrating, percipient, perspicacious; experienced; discriminating, discriminative; brainy, bright, brilliant, clever, intelligent, keen, nimble, quick, quick-witted, smart; cerebral, erudite, knowledgeable, learned, literate, scholarly; astute, clearheaded, piercing, sharp, shrewd; contemplative, reflective, thoughtfulNear Antonyms dense, dull, obtuse, purblind, woodenheaded; brainless, dumb, feebleminded, foolish, idiotic (also idiotical), imbecile (or imbecilic), knuckleheaded, moronic, silly, simple, slow, slow-witted, stupid, thoughtless, unintelligent, witless; undiscriminatingAntonyms unperceptive, unwise

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