Synonyms and Antonyms of reflective

  1. 1 given to or marked by long, quiet thinking one of the twins was outgoing and talkative while the other was withdrawn and reflective Synonyms broody, cogitative, meditative, melancholy, musing, pensive, contemplative, ruminant, ruminative, thoughtfulRelated Words introspective, retrospective, self-reflective; earnest, grave, sedate, serious, serious-minded, severe, sober, solemn, somber (or sombre), weighty; philosophical (also philosophic); analytic (or analytical), logical, rational; deliberate, purposeful; absentminded, abstracted, preoccupiedNear Antonyms featherbrained, flighty, flippant, frivolous, goofy, harebrained, light-headed, scatterbrained; brainless, mindless, silly, thoughtless, unthinkingAntonyms unreflective

  2. 2 indicating something this new policy is reflective of the company's desire to improve customer relations Synonyms denotative, denoting, indicative, significant, signifying, telltaleRelated Words alluding, allusive, referring; characteristic, symptomatic; demonstrative, exhibiting, expressive; symbolic (also symbolical); connoting, hinting, implying, insinuating, suggestive

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feeling or affected by lethargy

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