Synonyms and Antonyms of shortsighted

  1. 1 able to see near things more clearly than distant ones because she's so shortsighted, she's forced to wear her glasses every waking moment Synonyms myopic, nearsightedRelated Words astigmatic; purblindNear Antonyms presbyopicAntonyms farsighted, hypermetropic, hyperopic

  2. 2 not thinking about and providing for the future shortsighted investors who failed to see that the boom couldn't last Synonyms myopic, improvidentRelated Words careless, heedless, imprudent, incautious, injudicious, mindless, unguarded, unsafe, unwary, unwise; extravagant, prodigal, profligate, spendthrift, thriftless, unthrifty; indulgent, lavish, reckless, wastefulNear Antonyms careful, judicious, prudent, sensible, wise; economic, economical, economizing, frugal, scrimping, sparing, thrifty; conserving, preserving, savingAntonyms farsighted, forehanded, foreseeing, foresighted, forethoughtful, provident

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